Starting a Mobil Oil Change Business in 2010

Everybody needs to change the oil in their car otherwise they will void their warranty, or their engine will eventually seize up, leaving them stranded on the side of the road with a huge tow truck bill. This means that the oil change business is somewhat recession proof. I say somewhat because there is no such thing as a completely recession proof business, and studies have shown that consumers push the limit on their oil change intervals during recessionary times.Nevertheless, service businesses of this type, especially in the automotive sector can do very well. Although it is hard work, and you will get a little bit dirty, there are more cars in the United States than there are people, so obviously there is a lot of work to do. There are also many businesses, which own large fleets, and they are looking to save money as we come out of the recession.A mobile oil change type business can offer a lower cost then a fixed site oil change facility can; simply due to their cost structure. If you are laid-off from the automotive industry, as tens of thousands of mechanics have due to all the dealerships which were closed by General Motors and Chrysler, perhaps this might be a good small business for you to start.All you need is a used Van, and some equipment. If you start looking around now you should be able to find all the equipment you need and have everything ready so you can launch your business after the New Year’s. As the economic recovery continues, business will be booming again, and there will be lots of customers to service. Why not consider starting a mobile oil change business in 2010. Please think on it.